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Designing on a Budget

May 12, 2016

I love a good deal and it doesn't phase me to get a knock off! So when I found curtains, a headboard and a lamp that all looked like something out of a Pottery Barn catalog, I snagged them up! The best advice I can give for a good deal, or when planning an event or even the look of a room, don't rush! Don't buy the first thing you see. You can always come back. 


My navy and white vertical curtains came from Etsy. I LOVE them! They make my average ceilings look so much higher and really brought the room together. 4 panels + shipping = $120


I knew I wanted colorful pillows, so I started looking around on, again...Etsy! Buying from crafty people like myself just makes me feel better sometimes. Like, I know exactly how that "yessssss" moment feels when an order comes through. When and wherever you can, reward talented people. I bought these dragon pillows from a small shop and like an idiot I didn't measure and bought the wrong size. I gave them to Elizabeth Wheaton with Wheaton Whaley Designs, and wahlahh! New accent pillows PLUS the cutest lumbar monogrammed pillow you ever saw. 3 pillows + down inserts = $136


I love navy and silver together and since gold is all over my other rooms, I went with a silver mercury glass look for accents. I found two awesome lamps for $20 a piece at Hobby Lobby (don't forget your 40% off coupon online!) and then got two silver frames from IKEA for another $20. They are huge and I love them! While at IKEA I picked up this great 8 drawer dresser. I'll be honest it was a COMPLETE P in the A to put together, but I will have it until the day I die. I honestly think that's their objective, that if you put your sweat and tears (literally) into it, then you will love it that much more. They are right. It's the best!


Lastly I added a green dresser (no cost, thanks to a friend trashing an old piece) and a great headboard found on "Fickle Greenville", an online Facebook garage sale type group = $100. 


The one area I "splurged" was bedding. I waited for a big sale at Pottery Barn to get the white and green comforter. Then went big for what I call my "Dear God I Love You" navy throw blanket. I didn't even ask, I just swiped the card. 


The mirror came from a friend who was done with it, and then all of a sudden a real guest bedroom appeared. If you don't have friends ready to get rid of great finds, then go meet new ones! Second hand stores are always a great place to start for furniture and accent pieces. One persons "trash" really is anothers treasure.... then and only then do you go pay full price if you just can't seem to find what you are looking for. 


Patience is key. Happy hunting!





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